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In the world of entertainment, a lot of festivals happen each year to allow a get together of certain personalities and aside from that, it can also be a medium for promoting a certain product. One of the festivals in the entertainment industry is the film festival that usually happens once a year in certain locations. This festival is not your ordinary festival because it is not a celebration alone but also a way to promote certain films that have the potential to become popular in the movie industry.

Film festivals usually happen annually and most often concentrates on one region or city. A film festival is a presentation of films may it be international or local films and usually focuses on one subject or genre depending on the festival because some festivals have a broad range of subjects.

Film festivals occur around the Globe in some specific cities or regions and these festivals are commonly organized by some associations, film/movie societies and even the local government. There are several popular film festivals happening annually across the globe and one of them is the Memphis Film Festival.

Every film festival most likely will have a certain category and if you are a film maker, you need to research about the category of the different film festivals so you will submit the appropriate film to the appropriate film festival because films that will not fit the category of that certain film festival will most likely get rejected. There will also be competition because certain film festival will only have limited slots and there will be several film makers who will complete for the slots and be able to officially join the film festival.


Every successful film maker starts from small and being unknown and we cannot deny the fact that this situation happens most of the time not only in the film industry but in all aspects of our life’s success, we start from being nobody to become a well-known somebody. A film maker will always have a vision to have his/her work be seen by millions of people world-wide and be popular.They just don’t have the right resources, power and budget and this is the reason why film festivals exist.

A film festival’s purpose is to give a chance for those not very well-known film makers to show their movies to a wide audience and to get their feedback. Aside from that, movie experts and critics are also present in that certain event to be able to give some advice and to examine the movie.
Film festivals also have some workshops that is related to the world of film making. These workshops are usually open to aspiring film makers and those who are interested to be in the film making business.

memphis film festival taking place

Those film makers who get invited to film festivals and have their movies on the big screen will also have the opportunity to promote their movie, be able to have an important press attention and movie publicity to be able to attract potential buyers or companies. Aside from that, festivals happen with a contest and if a film maker will win, of course he/she can have a cash to bring. If not because of these film festivals, unknown film makers will remain to be unknown forever.

Memphis Film Festival

One of the film festivals that happen around the world is the Memphis film festival. Memphis film festival is one of the most awaited film festivals by film enthusiasts, experts and actors in the movie industry. The Memphis film festival happens once a year and has been occurring for decades also bringing together celebrities for the days that film screening will happen. Celebrities and some big names in the movie industry will appear at press conferencesand panel and will meet up with their fans and sign some autographs and will answer some of your questions.

Every year, a lot of TV and movie personalities have come together to participate in this event in Memphis.  Different viewing rooms for the movies will be available each day from morning until the evening and will show several movies continuously. Dealers will be present with different types of souvenirs related to the film and entertainment industry. A lot of individuals and known personalities around the world are coming to Memphis to experience this film festival. There will be a lot of celebrities and big names in the film making industry so if you are a fan of one of them then this is your chance to see them in person. This festival is open for public so individuals can just purchase tickets for the said event but it will most likely be limited.

Because this is a festival, it will not be completed without the awards that the participant may get as they win. In the Memphis film festival, there will be several awards for the different categories. The movie screening in the Memphis film festival will haven not only for a day but for several days.
Of course, before a certain individual joins the Memphis film festival, he/she will go through screenings, registrations and other process to officiallybe a part of the festival. A certain film festival has its own set of rules and regulations to follow most especially when it comes to the submission of films.The Memphis film festival also has its own set of rules and these rules should strictly be complied before joining the said film festival.

There will be several categories of the said festival and this may include drama, horror, documentaries, animation, short films, etc. The movies shown in the Memphis film festival will be evaluated by the audiences and the panel of judges and these judges will most likely be film experts, critics, film makers, etc. The movie will be examined and evaluated based on different criteria.

Now for this year, the Memphis film festival will happen in June 8-10, 2017 and if you would like to see the said event or if you want to participate, then save the date! As always, there will be celebrities and film makers who are coming to the said event. This festival happens once a year so if you are into film making or wants to be a part of the film making business then this is your chance. If you are not of film making but your favorite celebrities are coming to the Memphis fil festival, then you can actually see them in person in the said event.

In the Memphis film festival, there will be aspiring and well-known film makers and movie enthusiast, there will be celebrities and series of events that will happen in several days. There will be a lot of events in the said festival.

The Memphis film festival does not only showcase the talents of the film makers but also a way for aspiring film makers to become better and eventually have his/her own name in the film making industry. To be in the film industry will never be easy, if you are an aspiring film maker, then the Memphis film festival is your chance to showcase your talent and show the experts of what you’ve got.

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