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An independent movie or indie film is a feature film produced without the help of a major production company or film studio. This means that these kinds of movies are mainly made with a low-budget without any commercial focus. However, some independent movies can have a big budget or be focused on a certain commercial value, depending on who the filmmaker is and what the movie is about.

But the main characteristic of indie movies is the way they are made and the artistic style they deliver on the screen. The majority of indie movies are made by amateur filmmakers who want to achieve recognition,or professionals who just want to make something out of pure artistic value and personal vision. This makes indie movies much less apt to be commercially focused, always delivering a more artistic view of a certain subject portrayed on the screen.

Free Movies Indie Genre & What They Are About

Indie is short for independent. Independent films are films that are not backed by a huge studio. They often have a low budget, unknown directors and actors, and are characterized by very “arty” themes, but not in every case. (source)

Most indie movies are about themes and stories that are not apt to be in commercial productions due to the nature of the movie itself, or just because the filmmakers don’t count with the support of big production companies. Nonetheless, there are little and big independent films, some which are screened at major film festivals in the world, or some that are just screened in a local cinema. But if an indie movie has enough funding and a great production, it can even have more commercial value than a normal commercially focused movie.

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If we want to talk about what indie movies are mostly about, it can be said that it all depends on the filmmaker and the kind of movie it is going to be. Indie movies, being low-budget films tend to be about stories that can be easily told without the use of special effects, expensive equipment, lots of extras, or just without the use of corporate funding.

As indie movies don’t count with a high budget like commercial movies do, these movies are mainly made in fourth types – thriller, drama, comedy and horror, as these types don’t need as much money to be made. With just a good screenplay and the necessary recording equipment plus some actors, an indie movie can be a total blast if done correctly – whatever the type or theme the movie is about.

When it comes to themes and subjects indie movies try to portray, these are often about everyday happenings or real-life events. However, some of them are purely fictional, but with more real approaches, without using too much fantasy or science-fiction and thus less special effects in order to develop the story.

On the other hand, indie movies are not focused on a certain kind of audience, as they can hold very personal value or just an artistic vision that is not addressed to specific people because they can portray many different themes and stories at once. Even so, most indie movies are more focused on developing an emotional and artistic value than just entertaining.

Some indie movies have deeper stories and really complex themes, but some of them try to be simpler and just visually outstanding. It all comes down to the type of filmmaker in charge of the movie and in the type of message that is intended to be sent. However, some indie movies can be really difficult to differentiate from a normal movie.

How to Spot an Indie Movie

Indie movies are mainly those movies that don’t have the support of a big production company funding, however, it is also known that indie movies are those that develop a different aesthetic and style in the screen. Now, almost all indie movies can be spotted due to certain characteristics that make them different than commercial movies. These characteristics are:

  • A low budget that can be perceived by the use of low-budget special effects or none at all.
  • Absence of A-list actors or superstars
  • Real themes and subjects. Less fantasy and less science fiction.
  • Artistic tones and personal stories. They can be about real-life events or depictions of everyday life.

Soundtracks are mainly made of music from real-life bands and musicians. Orchestral scorings are very rare in indie movies.
But all this doesn’t mean that indie movies will hold all of these characteristics in order to be called indie movies. Some will only count with one, two or three of these characteristics, while others can be totally exempt from them and still be categorized as indie movies. At the same time, commercially focused movies can count with these characteristics too, depending on the kind of movie they are.


Watching Free Online Indie Movies

If you want to watch indie movies then Megamovies.cc: Free Streaming Movies is the right choice… Also, you will have to know that they are not totally made to entertain all kind of people. Some persons will get bored with them or just find nothing interesting in the themes, synopsis or plot. These movies are mainly focused for people who know how to find artistic value within them, but some of these movies can even be as normal as a purely action-packed flick.

We recommend watching indie movies as much as you go to the cinema to watch commercial ones. Don’t hesitate in taking a look at that movie made by one aspiring filmmaker from your city, you may encounter the next superstar of the film industry without even knowing it.